Thursday, March 24, 2005

Day II


Well, first off, I have to say that the Tridium is a right pain in the ass. Do I want to go to mass, which is two times longer than normal, everyday? No. I do not. Today was planned to go out, by hey, Holy Thursday seems to have more importantce... And I don't care if you agree or not, I'm just kinda angry that I am forced to go somewhere that I will probably sleep in. Did God not say that all he wanted was one hour a week? Right now, it looks like I shouldn't have to go to mass for the next 10 week. I am going to hell, I know. Don't remind me.

Ok, so the day started out well enough. Woke up at around 11'ish, and I knew that the day wasn't going to be severely interesting. The day was planned to have a movie, but hey, Tridium gets in the way. So until 7:30, I had to stare at a computer screen. Now, what happened while I stared was different...

I was forced to fix and refix a game server that was being stubborn. I realize now that EA Games is a corporation full of Nazis, Demons, and Facist Communists. What a great mix that is ruling the gaming class of America. About... 7 of us... I think, were trying to get the server up and running again. As a person known as 'Sonan' said, "EA is trying to assfuck good games behind a black shroud. Too bad we can hear it." Hes got it down pat, really. They are EVIL!

And that summed up most of my day up until 7:30 where I was forced to deal with a very... very... Long... Mass... Smelled nice, though, they brought out the insence. I think that there are more ways to ador God more than going to mass. Don't you all think?

So now, it is 10:14. And I am kinda tired, plan to blow up some things for senselss entertainment.

Until Tommorow.


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