Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Yes, I realize I haven't been updating properly. I have been busy.

Ok, not really. I have been a lazy ass for the past... 3 days. I've been playing computer games, watching TV, reading Hitler, figuring out how to hate a culture because they are there. Hitler is funky to read. He was brilliant, knew how to use words really very well, but he was a total nutter. There are so many adverse reactions to me reading his book. I mean, fuck, its not like I'm BECOMING a Nazi.

What I have been doing for the past few days is beyond me. I've been taking NAPS. I hate naps. I feel fucked up, retarded, loopy, whatever you want to say. It's just not fun. I wish it was Spring Break again. I mean, I don't like school whatsoever. Why must it be so fucking confusing? I get half of what the teachers try and say, but the other half I am off in fuck world, getting my ass rammed because they won't explain anything to the class. For example: Mr Krier, though brilliant, is vague. Instructions to go to instructions is confusing just reading. "You did it right, just go back to the instructions." That is stupid.

For the past few days I have been regretting not going out more often, wasting my parent's money. If anybody, and I mean ANYBODY wishes to go out to a movie or something akin to that, I am most probably always availiable. Just find a way to contact myself, and I can get out of the house in less than an hour.

This is me signing out.


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