Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Stardate... Wed. the 30th. Shut up.

Ok, today sucked major cajones, but really only down at the last part.

Day started off as me waking up, and as every day that I wake up for school, I ignore my alarm clocks and go back to sleep. Bad move.

My padre calls the house, and I'm still alseep. He's outside in the car. "FUCK" I throw my shit together and run outside, and drive to school, whereupon I forget to fill out the last of my reregistration forms. That sucks. I can turn it in tommorow, so that doesnt matter much.

The day just sucks generally, I want to be home, and I can't be. I'm finally getting my subjects though, so it wasn't all bad. I mean, when the hell did I know that a diameter was a chord? Never. I thought a diameter was a diameter.

Today, though, I'm finally learning how to do some fucking Training stuff. No more just looking on and guessing, I am now being taught by Jared, the Athletic Trainer, how to do everything. Today I went over the wrists and arms, and tommorow, its the ankles. I dont think my foot has ever been that fucking blue. Ever. Ankle wraps are mean. But hey, I get to do them to people soon. Properly, this time, so I won't give them fucked up ankles.

Then I came home and made dinner. Deplorable. It truly sucked.

Afterwards, I merely came home and read Hitler. That guy was an elitist a-hole. I mean, fuck, he came up with all sorts of reasons why Jews were to be destroyed. Why the hell could the fuckin' head of that art school accept him? We wouldn't've had 6 million plus dead on our hands.

I think my brain is dead. I want Friday to come around. I don't have school that day. Want to sleep. Goodnight.


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